Dealing with home working

With the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies are forced to send their employees home to work remotely. Altough this period is not the best, it is always better to make the most of every situation, and approaching remote work could turn into something very promising for everyone.

Remote work can be powerful and boring at the same time. However, working outside of an office environment has multiple benefits on your lifestyle, here’s why we outlined some methods and tools to take advantage of it, so to make it more productive and fun. It’s a pretty appealing lifestyle that includes flexible working hours, higher productivity, low costs, while living your life along with personal and professional goals.

  • Get the most out of your setup. Working in a pleasant environment is the first step to start the day in the right way, as well as letting you feel at ease in your work station. Getting a good chair with an ergonomic balance for your back and a comfortable sit can really make all the difference. Buy one that is easily adjustable so you can change the height, back position and tilt depending on the table height – this will help you maintain a correct posture.
    Don’t forget a good light, some decorations and plants on your desk!
  • Prioritize Communication. Join office chats and facetime meetings, getting to know your teammates and keeping in touch will help you both to feel connected, be more productive and feel happier.
  • Create a balanced routine. Plan your daily tasks on your paper agenda or on a task management tool like Trello (free) or Asana (free). This allows to systematically prioritize and make you done more in less time, and helps to understand what you can realistically achieve with your time. Mare sure to include breaks and regular days off into your schedule! It is essential to devote some time for yourself and to mantain the right balance between your life and work.
  • Listen to music. In addition to improving our mood, a variety of studies have proven that music increases efficiency and productivity, making repetitive tasks easier. The positive state of mind it creates, can improve your capacity for problem-solving.
    If you live and work in an environment where your family is present, listening to music can be a good way to focus more by covering voices or noises that might be distracting.
  • Leave home, do sports. Working from home doesn’t mean you have to sit at your desk for the whole day. Instead, it is important to leave home sometimes, take walks, do sports and dedicate to different activities to distract your mind.

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.”

—Michelle Obama, former First Lady

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