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Discover how we reengineered the Impact Hub Berlin website. A blend of aesthetic appeal and functional prowess, tailored to meet modern demands.

At bitorbit, we specialize in creating digital platforms that resonate with the ethos of our clients. For Impact Hub Berlin, our goal was to develop a site that not only reflects their vision for a sustainable future but also enhances user interaction and community engagement.

The Goal

The primary objective for the redesign and development of Impact Hub Berlin’s website was to create a more engaging, user-friendly, and visually appealing online platform. This transformation aimed to better reflect the dynamic, innovative nature of Impact Hub Berlin. Key goals included:

  • Enhancing the site’s structure and navigation for improved user experience.
  • Revamping seven critical pages.
  • Integrating a new HTML Newsletter Template and ensuring seamless Mailchimp integration for effective communication and outreach.

The Approach

Our approach to achieving these ambitious goals was systematic and user-centric, encompassing several stages.

Planning and Analysis

We commenced with an in-depth analysis of the current website, including wireframe review and sitemap rework. This stage set the foundation for a structured and effective redesign process.

Streamlined Development

Focusing on seven key pages, we embarked on a phased development approach. Each page, from the Start to the Contact Page, was meticulously crafted for aesthetic appeal and functionality, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Rigorous Testing and Deployment

Post-development, we conducted extensive cross-browser and cross-device testing to guarantee performance consistency. The final step involved deploying the updated website with additional optimizations to enhance speed and accessibility.

The Output

Through this meticulous process, we delivered a revamped website that stands as a testament to Impact Hub Berlin’s commitment to innovation and community building. The new website is not just a digital space but an extension of Impact Hub Berlin’s mission to inspire and support change-makers.

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